Nathaniel Quinn


Area of Expertise: 

  • Marketing/Branding/Social Media
  • Technology
  • Websites
  • Strategic Planning
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Startup Assistance

My Experience:

Nathaniel is an entrepreneur who started out at the School of Hard Knocks with a determination on getting the job done. He successfully launched multiple start-ups in the technology and education field and was refined into a true entrepreneur from California State San Bernardino with an MBA in Entrepreneurship. Nathaniel has a solid understanding of the pitfalls of start-ups and a strong educational foundation. He is well versed in every aspect of starting and building a business.

How I Add Value to your Business: 

Nathaniel’s focus with clients is to help them make more money. Therefore, he looks at every aspect of the company from overhead to marketing. He then helps clients cut what is not needed, use technology to improve efficiency, and market correctly to increase sales.

Words of Wisdom: 

Time is the only thing you cannot get more of. . . Remember there is always something you must give up in order to make time for something else

Business Consultant