Annie Zheng

About Annie

Dongyan (Annie) Zheng

Area of Expertise:

Retail, Wholesale, Distribution of Clothing Real Estate (commercial or investment properties).

My Experience:

I used to own a import & export business. I have the knowledge in retail, wholesale and distributing goods in the clothing market/beach products. I’m the founder and current CEO of a real estate brokerage and investment company for 13 years going. My businesses are active in the local real estate market and is Zillow’s premier agent and Redfin’s affiliate local agent in Riverside. My business is also involved in commercial real estate, business acquisition and property management.

How I Add Value to your Business:

I can utilize my daily experience of running my own business to help clients who want to start a business or who have existing business questions in regards of keeping the business in good standing in the field of business registration, financials, insurance and tax filing, license/permits, etc. As an active real estate broker/investor, I can also give my suggestions to the clients if they have question in their real estate/business acquisition transaction.

Words of Wisdom:

Just do it! You never know the opportunity or challenge till you take the first step to start your business.

Business Consultant