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The Finance Center was established in 2016 by the OCIE SBDC Lead Center and the Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and has helped clients obtain over $15 million total in capital to assist in the inception of businesses.


Program Overview

The Finance Center was created to be a liaison between your business and the best funder for you. Our loan consultants are here to help you throughout the loan packaging process – from exploring loan terms to packaging your loan to submit to lenders throughout our network of over 100 local funding institutions. To expedite the funding process, we work with underwriters directly for our clients so they can receive their decision quickly – which saves them time.

The Finance Center also:

  • Offered to our clients at no-cost
  • In-person consulting sessions are confidential or video calls are offered via the Cal State Fullerton network
  • Mostly offered to for-profit small businesses with less than 500 employees

How it Works

  1. Request an in-person counseling session or conference call with a loan consultant. Sign Up Now >>>
  2. Your SBDC consultant will go over which documents we will need to start the loan packaging process. These documents may include tax returns, financial statements, and an explanation for use of funds. View funding checklist
  3. Once your SBDC consultant receives all documents requested, they will begin seeking out potential funders. They will communicate with you and the lender’s underwriter directly throughout the process.
  4. Your potential loan package will be presented to potential lenders by your SBDC consultant.
  5. If the lender is interested, they will send a Letter of Intent (LOI) within 7 days. If the lender is not interested, your SBDC consultant will continue presenting your loan package with other potential lenders.


What types of lending partners does The Finance Center work with?

The Finance Center is connected to over 100 financial lending institutions, which includes non-profits, traditional banks, State Guaranteed Lenders, SBA backed lenders, City and County Lending Programs, Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI), and more.

How much does The Finance Center charge?

There is no charge for our clients. Because the Finance Center is funded by various institutions including the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), the State of California, Cal State Fullerton, the Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, grants, and foundation funding.

I was declined from my bank for a loan, I’m not sure why. Can The Finance Center help me – how?

Definitely! Our SBDC consultants can assist in evaluating your situation, determine reasons for the denial, and offer other funding options fitting for your small business. In partnership with hundreds of lenders, we can help you explore several options that may provide you with solutions to your particular situation. Several of our clients have been declined from other financial institutions and we will continue to assist our clients in any way possible.

You can make an appointment to go over your funding options – at no cost!

I’m looking to refinance my debt, can the Finance Center help me?

Absolutely! Through the partnership we have with several financial institutions, we have access to several lenders that can assist in refinancing your loans and even assist you in obtaining a lower rate. We try our best to obtain a quick turnaround for working capital – even sometimes as quickly as five business days!*

*We cannot ensure a specific turnaround time due to a variety of different factors out of our control.

What if I’m missing documents from the “Funding Checklist”? Does the lending institution really need all of these documents?

That’s okay! Our Finance Center SBDC consultants can help clear any misconceptions you may have about the required documents. They can also assist in obtaining any documents you may be missing on the checklist. However, we cannot obtain your tax returns, but we can assist in requesting credit reports.

The required documents listed in the funding checklist are used to expedite loan packaging but are also crucial for submitting your package to potential lenders. We try our best to make it easier for lending institutions to review your package to save time and resources while also making the best decision for your loan.


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