5 Marketing Trends to Attract Women Customers

By sbdceditor,

I don’t think that anyone would argue that women play an important role in the purchase decisions of households and I recently read an article entitled “Five Critical Trends in Marketing to Women” by Chris Holt, a senior marketing consultant for Insights in Marketing a Chicago area marketing research consultancy, that indicated that women hold three-fourths of the US financial wealth.  So it is very important to market to women, however, this same article indicated that only 9 percent of women believe they are being marketed to effectively and that percentage goes down to 7 for the 50 and above age group.  The article went on to provide 5 critical marketing trends in marketing to women.  These trends include: 1. Less miniaturization and glamorization and more value; 2. Increased emphasis on the “whys” Instead of the “whats” of sales; 3. Increased segmentation of the women’s demographic; 4. Tap into the power of emotion; and 5. Take engagement to the next level and build marketing relationships.

Ms. Holt concluded the article by encouraging marketers and business owners to move away from stereotyping and increasing focus on the individual female experience and their needs has major benefits for businesses of any size. As markets and technologies continue to evolve, so will the methods of marketing. These five trends are considerations to watch in the coming year and beyond to boost marketing success for your business.  To read the complete article, click on the following link: https://exclusive.multibriefs.com/content/5-critical-trends-in-marketing-to-women/marketing

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